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Vostok Europe Lunokhod-2 Chrono Grey/Black Watch 6S21/620E529

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This collection is named after Lunokhod 2, which was more advanced and the last of two unmanned Lunar Rovers landed on the moon by the Soviet Union as part of the Lunokhod program. The launcher put the spacecraft into earth parking orbit on January 8, 1973, followed by Translunar Injection. On January 12, 1973, Luna 21 was braked into a 90 by 100 Km (Approx. 56 by 62 Mile) lunar orbit. The Luna 21 spacecraft landed on the moon and deployed the second Soviet lunar rover, Lunokhod 2. The primary objectives of the mission were to collect images of the lunar surface, examine ambient light levels to determine the feasibility of astronomical observations from the moon, perform laser ranging experiments from earth, observe solar x-rays, measure local magnetic fields, and study mechanical properties of the lunar surface material. The landing occurred on January 15, 1973 at 23:35 ut in Le Monnier crater at 25.85 degrees N, 30.45 degrees E. After landing, the Lunokhod 2 took tv images of the surrounding area, then rolled down a ramp to the surface at 01:14 ut on 1973-01-16 and took pictures of the Luna 21 lander and landing site.

Technical specs

  • Quartz movement
  • Quick setting of the date calendar over the crown
  • Stainless steel 49 mm case blue PVD coating
  • Height 15,5 mm
  • Water resistant up to 300 meters
  • Automatic helium release valve
  • Screw-in back cover with engraved serial number
  • Enhanced hardened mineral K1 crystal. Thickness - 3,5mm
  • "GTLS"-Technology: vertical mounting of tritium tubes on the dial provides improved illumination of the time indication
  • Second hand with trigalights
  • Enhanced stainless steel buckle of original construction
  • Custom silicon straps interchangeable by just one screw driver fixed to the watch, an additional leather strap is included in the delivery set
  • Also included: "dry box" with a tool for replacing the strap.
  • MPN : 6S21/620E529


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