Pramzius Blue K1 Mineral Crystal Silver/Brown Watch NH38/P015105

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    Inspired By Railroad Pocket Watches Of Yesteryear, The Pramzius Trans-Siberian Brings The Spirit Of The Rails To Your Wrist
    The massive locomotive barrels through the Siberian night while the conductor braces against the frigid air as he moves between cars.

    He tugs at the chain hanging from his tattered pocket and pulls out his trusty railroad watch to check the time of the coming next stop. He doesn’t realize he is holding a piece of history. The Tran Siberian railroad pocket watch; now more than a decade out of production.

    In the spirit of these famed timepieces and the trans Siberian railroad, Pramzius — a new brand based in the USA — is bringing back the Trans-Siberian railroad watch, but this time for the wrist.

    Pramzius, named for the mythological Baltic Ruler of Time, seeks inspirations from Eastern Europe and the Baltic region to reignite a world of often forgotten horology and great historic timepieces with new looks and top-flight engines.

    Our first edition draws from one of the most popular and famous of railroad watches previously made by a sadly now defunct company. We’ve drawn from key elements, including a magnificent 3D rendering on the case back of the original train from the watch along with the same indicators on the chapter ring.

    But we added a heavy lagarto strap, an open heart automatic movement and color touches not found on the inspirations.
    One edition even has a fully luminous dial. The Trans Siberian collection is a wrist watch tied to the world of the pocket watch that marries antiquity and modernity like nothing else you have ever put on your wrist.

    With a 48 mm case and big, full dials that run right to the edge of the bezel this watch will get attention.
    The base model also comes with a high-quality nylon strap designed in the Zulu style. A great alternative look.


    Technical specs

    • Pocket watch for the wrist
    • Movement 24 Jewel SII NH38 open heart movement. Automatic winding. Can be manually wound.
    • Tolerance Main daily rate from -20 to +40 s/day
    • Subdials Open heart
    • Vibrations per Hour 21,600
    • Crystal K1 Mineral
    • Luminosity Super-Luminova
    • Dial Color Blue
    • Crown Coin-edge crown inspired by locomotive smoke stack
    • Bezel Double layered
    • Case Material 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
    • Case Width 48 mm
    • Strap Material Bund leather (fully underneath the watch), wide grain screw-on leather and Zulu style nylon strap all included.
    • Strap Measurement 24 mm
    • Clasp Type Buckle
    • Water Resistance 10 ATM , 100 M
    • Other Features 3D rendering of original train from the inspiration pocket watch. 
    • Limited edition of no more than 999 pieces per dial.

    • Cherry wood veneer desk stand for watch to allow for alternate use as a clock.




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